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Historic York

At the heart of history for over 2000 years

York is a magical city, nestling in the heart of the fertile Vale of York, protected between the fork of two rivers and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Moors, Dales and Wolds. Seat of power for kings, emperors and churches for much of its history, many have left traces in the city, with evidence of the Roman and Viking occupations visible as well as the most complete set of Medieval city walls in the country and the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. As well as these famous attractions, York abounds with lesser known gems such as the incredibly preserved Medieval guild hall, the Merchant Adventurers' Hall and the beautiful Georgian Fairfax House.

A perfect strolling city…

Even though there is so much to see and do, York remains a compact, walkable ‘human-scale’ city, ideal for relaxation. If you are staying right in the centre then you probably won’t need to touch your car for the whole of your stay. It takes about ten minutes to walk across the central historic core of the city, although that does depend a bit on whether you get waylaid by any of the plethora of boutique shops and independent cafes and teashops that you will pass on the way!

A great place to break a long journey (be warned, you might need more than one night though!)

In the centre of Britain, York lies about half way between London and Edinburgh, making it ideal as a place to break the long journey between these two ancient capital cities. It is incredibly well connected with the high-speed east coast rail line meaning that it can take less than two hours to get here from London.

A wonderful base to explore Northern England from

York is also ideal as a base to explore the wider region of Yorkshire and the North of England. There are lovely day trips to be taken from York: why not drive north to Pickering and take the steam railway across the Moors to the coast? Or spend a day meandering through the charming fishing villages of the east coast? Alternatively, you could head west to the majestic landscape of the Yorkshire Dales or east to the ‘Hockney Country’ of the Wolds. There are many options to facilitate this from taking/hiring a car, going by bus or train, joining an organised tour or hiring a personal guide. See ‘Yorkshire’ for more details.

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